Don't forget about Kia. She has been here for a couple of months and has learned to settle down more being around other dogs. She may need to be the only dog in your family, but she will not let you down in the snuggle department. She also loves walks, car rides and just hanging out. Previous years have taught her to be assertive with adult dogs, small dogs, cats and chickens. She does seem to like puppies. She loves to play with Snickers here at the LOM. She is also spayed and vaccinated. Please give her a chance. She deserves it. Meet and greets are always recommended. Adoption Price is $100.00


Little Snickers is well, getting bigger. She is now nine months old. She is also a vaccinated and spayed hound who likes to follow her nose, which can be very comical. She is a happy-go-lucky pup. She is good with dogs and people both big and small. She is not fully house trained, but her kennel is clean more and more often. She is learning leash manners along with sit, stay, come. Meet and greets are always recommended. Adoption Price is $150.00.


Rowdy is a fun-loving White German Shepard/Lab mix. He is just over two years old. He is up to date on all his shots, microchipped and neutered. He loves to play and is very dog AND people social. He is smart, knows sit, down, crawl and come. He rides will in a car and does well on leash. Rowdy would do well on a farm with a job to do. Load up shotgun in your truck and get to work. Rowdy would make a great family dog. He would enjoy all the company and playtime. Please call for an appointment to see Rowdy for yourself. Adoption fee $150.00.


Birdie is an eight-year-old Hound mix. She is a sweet, loving dog who loves your attention and, oh yea, belly rubs. She loves to be outside and experience all that comes her way. She will let you know who is coming down your driveway. She is a very good watch dog. She will also quiet down and nap in the shade. Being eight, she is settled, house trained, does not chew on furniture or clothes. :) She loves to go for walks and walk where her nose takes her. Meet and greets are always recommended. Adoption Price is $100.00


Meet my sweet Dottie. She is an eight-year-old Hound. She is spayed and vaccinated and ready for a loving forever home. She is an older gal who loves to be with you while you do your chores, sit on the porch or watch tv. She is hard of hearing but still loves going for slow walks where she can sniff and explore what her nose finds. Though not a puppy, she is friendly, happy, sweet and past puppy chewing and house training. Meet and greets are always recommended. Adoption Price is $100.00


Bacon is a five year old Shepard mix. He is neutered and current on his shots. Bacon came to LOM a couple of days ago from another shelter and has bloomed. He is dog social and easy going. He is learning "leave it", "come", "stay", "wait", "sit". He loves walks. Duh, he's a dog. lol And walks well on leash. Also does well in the car. 98% sure he is house trained. So far, no accidents in his kennel. I think Bacon would do very well with respectful kids. He is smart and ready to learn and enjoy your day with you. Not sure how he is with cats. Meet and greet are always recommended. Adoption Price $130.00