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Land of Misfits

At Land of Misfits Farm Sanctuary animal well-being, combating speciesism, and creating a more compassionate world are all at the forefront of what we’re working towards. We are motivated to showcase true "stewardship" of our Misfits in efforts to help eradicate "dominion" so many others show to our furry and feathers cousins of the animal kingdom. We strive to do our part in making the world a better place for all animals especially those deemed commodities by our society.

We are here to provide a forever, fun, and loving home to animals in need. We are here to provide a voice for the voiceless and to share their stories. We are here to provide absolute sanctuary and freedom for all kinds- for all misfits!

Join us in bringing about positive change for animals.

Come be a misfit with us!


Our Mission

Fiercely inspiring the compassion hidden deep within all of us to ignite by showing the passion, the soul, and the being that is within in each individual animal, through veganism, education, and awareness.

We are their home. We are their voice. 

Here's where they fit in.


Misfit Sticker Collection