In loving memory of my brother Bob Swank, who passed away November 7th, 2021.  

When I told him of my crazy idea of a dog rescue, he patted me on the leg and said, "They are God's creatures too". People had scoffed at my dream but not my brother. He was always there to add an encouraging word and kept the spark that was in my heart to follow through with this idea, this goofy idea.

Through texts and phone calls, I kept him updated on the progress of my "barn". Nothing but encouraging words came back on my phone. I wanted him to come up to see it but that never happened. That made me very sad because he would never see the completed "barn". Walking to the "barn" for another day, I realized that he sees it from Heaven. He is still there to give me support and I can even hear his goofy jokes and laughter at all of our mishaps.

I miss him so very much and think of him every day!

I love you Bob