Land of Misfits Dog Rescue

Helping dogs who have run out of options

Land of Misfits provides an alternate option for sick, abandoned, injured, mom and pups, hard to adopt dogs from overcrowded animal shelters.  We are located near Rexburg Idaho and show dogs by appointment only.      

Our 12-kennel facility is set up for individual care for dogs:

*Indoors kennels with access to individual and group play areas outdoors.

*An indoor playroom is available to introduce a homelike setting for socialization or play when inclement weather limits outdoor activity.

*Provide offsite activities to socialize with other dogs, people, and situations.

If you would like to donate to our cause, we can only accept cash/checks donations at this time.  These will be tax deductible.  

Snickers aka Big Snickers

Snickers is a 7-month-old, spayed female Smokey River Blue Tick Hound. She has all of her shots and is ready to go to her forever home. She is an active, young, healthy pup ready for training and play. She has been with us for about two months, and she shows us every day how happy and smart she is. She has met all of our own dogs from a 15-year-old Chihuahua to a one-month-old Idaho Shag pup. She loves to play and be with the family, go for walks and can play and entertain herself with her toys. She loves meeting and playing with all kinds of dogs at the dog park. She is quite dog social. Snickers is doing daily training with sit, wait, come, off, leash manners, and car manners. She is cautious with meeting new people especially men but that too is part of her socialization and training. Adoption Fee: $180.00


Kia is a wonderful middle aged pup. She is a Pit/Boxer beautiful brindle mix, who has already been spayed and has her shots. Her previous owners did not get her socialized so she can be selective with other dogs. A meet and greet several times will help her to know how to be a dog. Even if she is the only pet you have, she will not let you down as a good friend and watch dog. She is a sweet snuggle bunny with adults and children. Appropriate meet and greet there too. She can be a puller on leash, so she is learning more leash manners along with sit, come, wait and off. She wants to be with you and please you, so she seems to want to learn more and make you happy. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? She also does quite well on car rides, especially to the park to walk and talk to new friends. She would love to sit on the couch and share your snack with you. She deserves a loving family who will teach her new things and still love her for her old things. Adoption fee $130.00

Snickers aka Little Snickers

No, you are not hearing double. I did say Snickers. Snickers is also a seven-month-old hound pup mix found as a stray. She is current on her shots and is spayed. She loves to play with all her friends and makes new friends very easily. She is learning her leash manners and other basic commands. She also rides will in a car. Adoption price is $130.00

Hamlet, 10/2022

Zuko, 11/2022

Benji, 12/2022

Lacey, 1/2023

Mr. Brown, 3/2023

Skunk, 3/2023

Fish, 3/2023

Fast Lane, 3/2023

Music, 3/2023

Flinch, 3/2023

Wedge, 3/2023

Swish, 3/2023

Snickers, 3/2023

King 3/12/23

Willow 05/12/23

  • P.O. Box 143
  • Saint Anthony, ID 83445
In loving memory of my brother Bob Swank, who passed away November 7th, 2021.  

When I told him of my crazy idea of a dog rescue, he patted me on the leg and said, "They are God's creatures too". People had scoffed at my dream but not my brother. He was always there to add an encouraging word and kept the spark that was in my heart to follow through with this idea, this goofy idea.

Through texts and phone calls, I kept him updated on the progress of my "barn". Nothing but encouraging words came back on my phone. I wanted him to come up to see it but that never happened. That made me very sad because he would never see the completed "barn". Walking to the "barn" for another day, I realized that he sees it from Heaven. He is still there to give me support and I can even hear his goofy jokes and laughter at all of our mishaps.

I miss him so very much and think of him every day!

I love you Bob

We want to recognize the following people for all of their help and support with this project. We are now living the dream we had ten years ago. And we couldn't have done it without all of you!                                            Jolene Foster

Everett Swank, my brother

Greg Swank, my nephew

Joshua Foster, my son

Zachary Foster, my son

Tracy Wilcox, my sister-in-law

Truman Wilcox, my brother-in-law

A special thank you to the following businesses that provided material and support.

Kevin Virgin - Foundation

Mark Pike - Installed trusses, sheathing and lots of good advice

Lowes, Idaho Falls

Home Depot, Idaho Falls

Teton Steel, Roofing 

SoCo Metals

Snake River Truss

Sun Pro, Rexburg & Idaho Falls

Cal Ranch, Rexburg

Sun Glo - Donation of conveyor belts to prohibit dogs from digging

Harrington & Co - Fencing and roofing materials

Snake River Fencing