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Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

Your support is important to our work at Land of Misfits. There are many ways you can contribute towards our cause, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.


Give a Gift

Directly Impact Their Lives

Our resident animals always appreciate being spoiled by friends like you. Our animals, land, barn, and pastures need constant care, improvements, and upgrades. When you surprise Land of Misfits with a gift from our Amazon Wishlist, you are also giving a second gift- that of peace of mind knowing there is one less thing for us to have to remember to purchase. We are sympathetic and understanding of the fact that while we are working on becoming an official nonprofit, in the meantime, your cash donations are not tax deductible. Therefore, this is a fantastic way to give to our animals and support our mission without cash being exchanged. Please follow us on social media, as we will publicly shout-out all amazon wishlist donations (Lovingly known as "Loot Alerts"). We love to showcase how your donation is being put to good use. Remember to leave your name when making a purchase from our wishlist so we know who to thank!

Make a Donation

Make A True Change

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Land of Misfits an even better Animal Sanctuary than it already is.

Full Transparency Disclosure: Donations are currently made through Amanda Bennett's (Founder) personal PayPal, as Land of Misfits works to become an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit (tax-exempt) charity. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and trust with your donations. We will be happy to provide any information possible to ensure you feel comfortable donating to our sanctuary's resident animals.

Partner with Us

Help Us Soar

Want to join our efforts using your business, talent, or skills? Partner with us and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to our cause, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better tomorrow for our animals. Get in touch with us today about how you can help.

Volunteer Your Time

Show Your Support

This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at Land of Misfits. Please like and follow us on Facebook, as that is currently where we will be posting volunteer events.

Visit the Sanctuary

Connection with Animals

We believe the connection with the animals is truly an important piece to our mission. We look forward to you having the opportunity to visit and connect with our residents. Being able to directly connect with them is a magical experience. 

Our current visitation opportunities include specific volunteer events that will require signing-up and through our Airbnb operation. Please note: Our Airbnb is meant for travelers looking for a room in the Hamilton area because they have plans or other reasons to be in the area. We are not set up to host "sanctuary-only" visitors, as we do not have time, resources, or enough activities...yet! (But hope to one of these days soon!) Our Airbnb guests just get a quick meet-and-greet with the animals and then are off doing what they came to the area to do. We want to fully disclose this, so you are not expecting a “farm stay” vacation. You will want to have plans and/or other activities set-up for yourself during your stay.

Go Vegan

One Step at a Time

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new resources, recommendations, and helpful ways to make your journey to veganism simpler. Veganism is something that we take very seriously and by "going vegan" you have the ability to make a positive impact for all animals in this world. Here are some helpful resources to get you started.